Corona Virus Updates


As of today, we are able to move to 50% capacity in the facility.  This means we can have 80 bodies in the facility.  With this, we should have no problem accommodating a full schedule of classes and camps.  We are sanitizing all the time throughout the day and heavily in the off hours to prepare the next day of classes.  It is important we keep the facility clean and sanitized for the safety of our gym members and staff.  


As of today, we are planning on opening for Camps, Classes, and Kids Night out next week starting May 18th.  The County Judge sent a letter to the Governor last night requesting to not open more businesses.  Read the news story here.  If this passes it looks like at least a few more weeks probably a month.  Keep your spirits up, our health is more important than most everything else.


I have had several customers ask what happens with the April payment that has been made.  This is either by automatic payment or using the Web to make a payment.  If you have made a payment, thanks for your support of the gym.  It helps a bunch until we can be funded by the Small Business Association (SBA).  We have submitted our claim for the Payroll Protection Plan that will pay the employees for 2 months while this virus takes its course. As soon as we can get back to business we will.  If it's in April we will allow missed classes to be made up by adding 1 class a week until we get caught up on classes.  If we can't get back in the gym until May then the payment made will apply to May tuition and the same, we will work on makeups on missed classes.  The main purpose of the payment is to help the gym stay afloat while we are closed.  We had payroll and rent already this month and without the help from those that paid, it would have been very difficult to meet those obligations.  Thanks again for your support and please stay safe.  We will get through this.


Today we were asked by the Fire Marshal to close for camps.  Since we are not a licensed daycare they had no choice.  Sorry for any trouble this has caused you and your family.

3/27/2020 12pm

EPISD is closed until further notice.  Link:

With this in mind we will be open for day care.  At this point we only have room for 20 children to stay compliant with the El Paso City Health recommendations.  You can register by following the link.  Register

We will be offering free wifi for the students and time to work on school work with the coach's support and direction.  

3/24/2020 12:15pm

Today the city of El Paso announced a Shelter at home order.  With this order we have a new set of rules for Day Care / Camps.  Our maximum number of children we can host is 20.  We must not have more that 10 children in the same room and we are required to keep the same children in groups together day by day.  The same provider will be with the children day by day as well.  We will be rotating the children from the gym to the lobby hourly to comply with the new order.  This new process will start tomorrow, 3/25/2020.  

3/20/2020 2pm

EMail Sent Today

I hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy. As per the Governor’s mandate to close the gym, we will be closed for classes for what seems like 2 weeks. We will allow make-ups for missed classes. The 2 weeks make up policy will be extended to 1 month from the time we can return to regular classes to allow time for all make-ups to be taken. If your situation requires a longer time, we will be happy to accommodate. In the effort to keep things going on our end we will post a $25 credit on your account upon receiving your on-time tuition payment for April. This credit can be used for any service we offer at the gym. Camps, Kids Night Out, Clinics, etc... We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing everyone back in the gym as soon as this mandate passes, and we can begin holding classes . 


This also means no Kids Night Out, or Clinics until we are allowed to resume.


As far as Camps, we will still be offering Day Camps for the next 2 weeks or as long as schools are closed and operate based on Day Care guidelines. This can be found on our web site at this address.


You can register for the next 2 weeks of camp, but we will limit to 40 children to stay compliant with no more than 20 in a room. We will be rotating children from the lobby to the gym on a regular basis. This offering is geared for those that do not have the option to work from home and have the need for childcare with school being closed.   

Register Here.


Once again, thanks for being part of our gym and stay safe.



Mark Valverde


Gymnastics Elite West

3/19 2020 9am

Follow this link to view our temporary schedule limiting attendees in the gym to 50 including staff.

Temporary Schedule for COVID 19

3/19/2020 8am

Click Here to view the El Paso Health Department Guidelines for dealing with the COVID 19 (Corona Virus) in our facility.

3/19/2020  6am

To comply with city ordinance we will be taking the temperature of children and employees entering the gym.  Any person with a temperature of 100 degrees or above or a cough will not be allow entry.  Parents or guardians will not be allowed beyond the vestibule area and the children will be picked up for entry to the gym.  If any person shows any signs of a cough throughout the day a parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the child from camp or class.  


As per city ordinance issued 3/17/2020 the gym will be limited to 50 occupants.  With this in mind, we will limit gym attendees to 40 allowing room for staff.  We plan to resume regular classes next week starting Monday, March 23rd, 2020.  We will be working on schedules that will enable us to comply with the city ordinance.  This will probably shift some classes to earlier or later in the day.  Also, parents will be required to drop off the children and not wait in the lobby except for Mommy and Me classes, to accommodate as many students as possible.   At this point, this is a very fluid situation and might require future changes as well.  We appreciate your patronage and hope everyone stays safe.



This message is written with an inspiration to support the efforts of fighting the COVID 19 virus.  In the E-Mail I distributed yesterday I stated we have specific processes to keep the gym clean and sanitized.   We have extra staff available so if an employee is not feeling well, they can stay home and still be paid.  We also ask you all to do the same.  If you child is coughing or not feeling well, please don’t bring them to the gym for classes or camp.  EPISD announced yesterday they will be extending the Spring Break an 2 extra weeks.  As always, when EPISD is closed Gymnastics Elite West will be open for the kids.  We are extending the Spring Break Camp for 2 more weeks to provide a place for the kids to release energy and be in a clean safe place.


I would also like to add for those parents that don’t feel comfortable bringing their children to the gym we will be refunding money paid for camp or regular classes.  If you like we can hold it for credit on account.  If you are on auto draft this credit will not be used for tuition, it can only be used for extracurricular events like Kids Night Out or Camps or we can process a refund on a pro rated basis.  For those in regular classes and would like, we will extend the make ups time to allow for missed classes to be taken.  We want to make it easy for any decision you make.  If you would like to do something that is not listed here just reply to this message so I can take care of it.


Gymnastics Elite West appreciates your patronage and hopes your family stays healthy.  If you have any questions, please reply to this message and I will respond promptly.



Mark Valverde


Gymnastics Elite West

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